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China Security and Protection Industry Association Convened in Beijing

April 28st, the 29st general membership meeting of China Security and Protection Industry Association was convened in Beijing. The China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA) which aims to improve industry development fairly and fast established in 1992. CSPIA include lots of industry including but not limited to explosion-proof inspection equipment, monitoring equipment, vehicle security, PPE (personal protective equipment) and so on.

  The mean purpose of the CSPIA is making the best of top-level talents and technology for the progress of really high-quality innovation and development.

  The main participants includes Jianguo Gu, the president of the institute of public safety of Qing Hua University, Weideng Fan, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shifeng Yang, the Director of Science and Technology Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and other celebrities.

  Chairman Jianguo Gu hopes the assembled experts can understand and grasp the current situation timely and trend of industry development, research on the integration application of various new technologies in the security industry and finally comprehensively promote the new development of security industry and make positive contributions. Academician Weicheng Fan also said that science, technology, management and culture are the most important four elements which support the public security. And improving the scientific and technological level of public security is the common mission of government, enterprise and scientific institutions. Experts, firstly, need to plan the work and put forward ideas conducive to the development of the industry. Secondly, establish the daily-work mechanism of the expert advisory committee to ensure the good development of the daily-work. Thirdly, focus on industry trends, relevant laws and policies and technology trends at local and abroad.

  Participating experts come from various field such as security industry organization, colleges, research institutes and lead enterprises and they are profound theoretical attainments, excellent professional technology and rich practical experience, with a wide range of industry and professional representative.

  At last, the chairman Jianguo Gu thanks all the participating experts and enterprise leaders on behalf of CSPIA.

Post time: Apr-29-2021