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2021 German A+A Occupational Safety Commodity Fair

The 38th German A+A SAFETY & HEALTH EXPO will be hold during Oct. 26-29, 2021 in Dusseldorf, German. German A+A is hold by one of the five largest conference and exhibition company, the Messe Dusseldorf GmbH. The exhibition stating from 1954 every two years. With 65 years development, the A+A has become on of the exhibitions which have the strongest influence all over the world. Beyond all doubt, it is a grand banquet.

German A+A shows its world-class perfectly. In the 37th German A+A, it has 10 exhibition centers which cover an area of 78,000 square meters. 2121 companies from 63 countries and more than 73,000 professional spectators participate in this exhibition.

German A+A usually contains three main areas, personal protective equipment, public security and extinguishing & protection. Personal protective equipment contains security tools and safety clothes from top to toe. Public security mainly contains counter-terrorism, computer security and IT & network security machinery security such as safe deposit boxes and locks. Extinguishing & protection mainly contains eject smoke, ventilate air, fire prevention, training for risk management, fire extinguishing system and rescue equipment.

German A+A not only has specific equipment but also focus on safety training. Professionals in various fields will be invited to the scene and give audiences speeches.

In recent years, German A+A more and more committed to development of high-tech field such as special management of hazardous substance, interactive work clothes, virtual reality training and artificial intelligence which can liberate workers from dangerous areas. New products, solutions and ideas are all for people to work safer, healthier and more efficient. It opens up new ideas for the industry to the future.

The growth rate of PPE is amazing. According to the market research company’s survey, on the German PPE market, the size has increased from 1.92 billion Euro in 2016 to 2.23 billion Euro in 2018. German A+A undoubtedly makes a great contribution.

  In 2019 37th German A+A, Ms. Birgit horn, project director, said that enterprises are more and more fully prepared to better protect and educate employees, which makes the PPE market profitable. Therefore, PPE manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly positioning themselves as strategic consulting partners with overall solutions, which means German A+A will bring unlimited business opportunities for all exhibitors and visitors.

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Post time: Aug-13-2021